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How It Works
Deposit GUAP by going to the Deposit Tab. Copy the address and deposit the amount of GUAP desired.
After successfully depositing GUAP, go to Masternodes Tab. Click on GUAP Invest button. Here you can buy your desired amount of GUAP shares. (1 share = 1000 GUAP)
Your shares can be viewed on your Dashboard.
Once you reach 10 shares (10000 GUAP), 1 MN of GUAP will be created and the rewards start.
Reward will share equally among users who participate to make that MN.
A total of 80% of the reward goes to the user. (Divide between all users who participated to make that MN)
10% goes to Admin.
10% goes to Affiliate user.

If a user is not Signed Up (Registered) through any Affiliate User then that Affiliate Reward (10%) goes to Admin.

Affiliate Reward distributed up to 3 layers of Affiliate Users.
Distributions are as follows: 50% (Affiliate Layer 1), 30% (Affiliate Layer 2), and 20% (Affiliate Layer 3).